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TMZ, Paparazzi & Other Things

Two years ago, right after my heart attack, I started working on an update for the Lost Beach Boy. So much had happened in the decade since the book’s release, I was anxious to download those memories and emotions into an expanded version. However, as one year turned into two, and so on, a series of events unfolded that, let's just say, rivals the first edition. Meanwhile, Jon Stebbins had done such a remarkable job of weaving the threads of my life into this beautiful ending the first time around, anything short of his poetic conclusion felt flat, and without motivation, the release date kept creeping further back.

Then, July 2018 happened.

Now I have this neat little bow to tie-up my story, just as when Jon last left us at Capitol Records. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until November to get the whole story leading up to the five of us taking the party from the roof in 2006 down to Studio A this afternoon, but I don’t believe these last 12 years will be any less heart-breaking and hilarious than their preceding chapters.

Just know that everyone is more than fine and that the events portrayed in the gossip blogs are not a fair representation of what actually happened. Big Surprise! I am so grateful for Carrie’s unwavering love and support in the face of so many challenges in our 20 years together. I'm looking forward to the Lion & Pigeon hitting to the road together soon!

As for today, I would just like to say how much fun I had at the Capitol Records Tower where the five of us reunited, in one room, with the goal of promoting the Beach Boys SiriusXM station (channel 4) and the Royal Philharmonic CD. It was more than great to see Brian, Al, Mike, and Bruce - some things never change!

I’d like to say big thank you’s to: everyone at Capitol who welcomed us home, Rob Reiner for a thoughtful and entertaining discussion, Lou Simon and everyone at SiriusXM for all of their efforts to support the music, Jerry Schilling at Brother Records for bringing us all together, Eric Breslow, for not only making sure we arrived in style (in his Bentley) but for always having our backs, and last but not least, Mike, Jacquelyn, Brian & Ambha Love, who went out of their way to be kind and supportive during what could have been an awkward afternoon, to say the least. Thank you all for the friendship and love! You find your true friends in the darkness!

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